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Published: May 29, 2019
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Yesterday we blew geeky minds everywhere by assigning Muppet counterparts to the first half of the original 151 Pokémon!  Naturally, since it would be cruel to just stop part-way, we’re here with the rest of our Muppet/Pokémon picks.

Keep on reading to see who we chose for faves like Grimer, Voltorb, and the Legendaries!

#077 : Ponyta – Buster the Horse

Sesame Street’s resident horse (and voice of reason) is on fire, much like Ponyta.

#078 : Rapidash – Paul Revere

Paul Revere is only superior to Buster in height (or, leg length, I guess?), just like Rapidash’s superiority over Ponyta in flammability.

#079 : Slowpoke – Janice

Both like to take their sweet, worry-free time!

#080 : Slowbro – Beauregard

Look, we all love Beauregard, he’s great, but he’s not exactly the fastest Muppet in the thinking department.  Slowbro can only take you as far as the lobby.

#081 : Magnemite – Beaker

How many times has Beaker been severely injured due to an insane magnet experiment?

#082 : Magneton – Bunsen

How many times has Bunsen severely injured Beaker due to one of his brilliant magnet experiments?

#083 : Farfetch’d – Camilla

Farfetch’d has no evolution, because they are one-of-a-kind.  Much like Camilla, who may look like other chickens, but there’s no one else like her.

#084 : Doduo – Two-Headed Monster

You don’t need two heads to find the similarities between these guys.

#085 : Dodrio – Tom, Dick, and Harry

You don’t need three heads to find the similarities betw- yeah, you see where we’re going with this.

#086 : Seel – Wolfgang

These two have so much in common! They’re both seals! They both love fish! And that’s literally it!

#087 : Dewgong – Melville

What’s larger than a seal?  A whale! And there’s a Muppet whale! What are the odds???

#088 : Grimer – Oscar the Grouch

Oscar the Grouch: the grimiest character you’ll find on Sesame Street!

#089 : Muk – Marjory the Trash Heap

I wouldn’t be surprised if we learned that Marjory and Muk were distant cousins. Imagine the Christmas cards.

#090 : Shellder – Farley

Look at those innocent little cuties. Farley and Shellder are like long-lost bros.

#091 : Cloyster – Mr. Johnson

In my headcanon, Mr. Johnson is the future version of Farley, beaten down by the world to become a larger, more disturbing version of his younger self.  Cloyster may have run that same path from his previous form.

#092 : Gastly – The Ghost of Christmas Past

Creepy, small-ish ghosts who appear and can show you images of things you didn’t really ask to see. Spooky!

#093 : Haunter – The Ghost of Christmas Present

Have you seen Haunter’s huge smile? He certainly wants you to come in and know him better, man!

#094 : Gengar – The Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come

Gengar is known to “takes delight in its victim’s terror” – which I can only assume the Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come does as well when they, y’know, show you how you’re going to die.

#095 : Onix – Doglion

Nothing would make you feel shorter than standing next to one of these guys!

#096 : Drowzee – Cantus

Cantus’ soothing singing voice is sure to make anyone feel Drowzee! Ba-dum-psst.

#097 : Hypno – Convincing John

Hypno can convince people to do whatever he wants (mostly just putting people to sleep though).

#098 : Krabby – Lobster Banditos

Just imagine a group of Krabby’s wearing little black hats and threatening you with pistols! It’d be so adorable! And deadly. But adorable!

#099 : Kingler – Polly Lobster

I mean, if Long John Silver was going to have a Pokemon sidekick, you bet it’d most likely be singing, talking Kingler.

#100 : Voltorb – Wilkins

Wilkins was a big fan of making things explode, which is pretty much all Voltorb’s got going from it.

#101 : Electrode – Crazy Harry

Oh, you want an even bigger explosion? Let me try and think of a Muppet who’s made that his entire gimmick.

#102 : Exeggcute – Muppaphones

Both Exeggcute and the Muppaphones are small, round entities who always look like they’re having an awful day.

#103 : Exeggutor – Marvin Suggs

It’s a good thing Exeggutor doesn’t have hands, or else those poor Exeggcutes would be even more cracked when he’d try to play them for his music!

#104 : Cubone – Gonger

Those dudes are wild!  And hard to understand!  Probably because of their respective speech impediments and skull muffle.

#105 : Marowak – Lew Zealand

Marowak throws the bone away, and it comes back to him!

#106 : Hitmonlee – Ernie

One of the two most renowned fighting Pokemon out there! So if Ernie is Hitmonlee, it only makes sense …

#107 : Hitmonchan – Bert

… this Bert would be the Hitmonchan to his Hitmonlee. While they never revert to throwing punches (or kicks?), they do spend a lot of time bickering!

#108 : Lickitung – Gonzo

The weirdest Pokemon meets the weirdest Muppet. The long tongue and the long nose are nice parallels to each other.

#109 : Koffing – Statler

Statler’s an old man, so of course he sometimes starts coughing up a storm after laughing too hard at his own heckles.

#110 : Weezing – Waldorf

Waldorf can often be see wheezing through each heckle he throws at Fozzie.

#111 : Rhyhorn – Junior Gorg

A big looming creature who may seem terrifying to smaller creatures but hasn’t reached his full potential yet.

#112 : Rhydon – Pa Gorg

The bigger, tougher versions of their previous form. The Pokemon Wiki calls Rhydon “insensitive,” which is a word I think of for Pa as well.

#113 : Chansey – Hilda

Both spend a whole lot of time and energy taking care of those around them.

#114 : Tangela – The Swedish Chef

Tangela pretty much looks like something the Swedish Chef would cook. Shoes included.

#115 : Kangaskhan – Mean Mama (and her baby)

Even big, scary monsters can be mothers too!

#116 : Horsea – Clifford

Clifford is the Muppets’ resident catfish, almost like Pokémon’s resident seahorse.  But with sunglasses, so cooler, I guess?

#117 : Seadra – Walleye Pike

Seadra just screams “pirate fish”, doesn’t he?

#118 : Goldeen – Dorothy

I mean, come on. We had to.

#119 : Seaking – Cosmic Fish

Seaking appeared to me in a dream the other night and told me to mow messages into my front lawn – weird!

#120 : Staryu – Emmet Otter

When the stars come out, Staryu has a strong connection with all the celestial bodies in the night sky. Emmet Otter… talks a lot about who Pa? Who I guess is kind of a celestial body??

#121 : Starmie – Ma Otter

I can’t believe Starmie hocked the family’s tool chest in order to buy fabric for a dress! Starmie’s got too many arms to pull off a dress!

#122 : Mr. Mime – Mr. Poodlepants

The fact that the most disliked Muppet and Pokemon are a clown and a mime means this was a match made in heaven.

#123 : Scyther – Sir Didymus

Sir Didymus is more often than not holding a sword, and Scyther has literal swords for hands.

#124 : Jynx – Johnny Fiama

There’s something so natural about these two schmoozers, but at the same time also something so inherently off-putting.

#125 : Electabuzz – Dr. Teeth

Dr. Teeth can electrify any keyboard he lays hands on.

#126 : Magmar – Fireys

So! Damn! Fiery!

#127 : Pinsir – Frazzle

Yeah, no thanks, I don’t trust all those teeth (and pincers) between the two of them.

#128 : Tauros – Gladys the Cow

Just a couple of bovines, chewing some cud and showing off those horns.

#129 : Magikarp – Pepe

Pepe tries to make a splash in everything he does – with the ladies, with the scheming, with the money making – but we all know splash is the most useless attack there is.

#130 : Gyarados – Uncle Deadly

Gyarados is one of the fiercest Pokemon around. Uncle Deadly is also fierce, but more so when it comes to all his snarky jabs.

#131 : Lapras – Ludo

Giant, gentle creatures anyone would be happy to meet. Ludo friend! Lapras friend!

#132 : Ditto – Whatnot Puppet ensemble

The Whatnot puppets are continually recycled throughout Muppet history, using the same puppets to take on entirely different personas from episode to episode. Sounds like a version of the shape shifting Ditto to me.

#133 : Eevee – Rowlf

Everyone’s favorite, lovable pups. Who’s a good dog! You are! Yes you are!

#134 : Vaporeon – Baskerville

Baskerville is basically an altered version of Rowlf, although not quite as underwater-y as Vaporeon.

#135 : Jolteon – Afghan Hound

Afghan Hound is basically an altered version of Rowlf, although not quite as electric as Jolteon.

#136 : Flareon – Jojo

Jojo is basically an altered version of Rowlf, although not quite as on-fire as Flareon.

#137 : Porygon – Waldo

To get to know these dudes better you better sharpen up your coding skills.

#138 : Omanyte – Don Music

Just look into Omanyte’s eyes.  That’s the same look of desperation you’d find in the eyes of a songwriter with paralyzing writer’s block.

#139 : Omastar – Guy Smiley

Omastar definitely looks like he’s hosting a game show.

#140 : Kabuto – Alice Snuffleupagus

The smaller version than their evolved forms – plus I bet Kabuto would look equally as adorable with a giant blue bow on its shell.

#141 : Kabutops – Snuffleupagus

It’s pretty rare to catch a glimpse of one of these – most people don’t even believe they exist!

#142 : Aerodactyl – Miss Finch


#143 : Snorlax – Timmy Monster

Timmy’s big and blue and can probably be found blocking traffic due to his napping in the middle of the street.

#144 : Articuno – Thog

That’s right, the Muppets’ big walkaround characters are the Legendary Pokémon!  Starting with Thog as Articuno, mainly because of their specific shade of blue.

#145 : Zapdos – Behemoth

Behemoth certainly has an electrifying personality.  Also, nice teeth.

#146 : Moltres – Sweetums

Sweetums has a fiery temper no one would ever want to set off! Likewise, don’t step on Moltres’ toes or you’ll get burned!

#147 : Dratini – Roosevelt Franklin

The rarely-seen dragon Pokémon Dratini is much like the rarely-seen Muppet Roosevelt Franklin.  Also, they’re the same height.

#148 : Dragonair – Forgetful Jones

Even more rare, Forgetful Jones, who once got lost fitting his head into his hat.

#149 : Dragonite – Bruno

The rarest of rare – Bruno – also shares the size and sunny disposition of his Pokémon counterpart, Dragonite.

#150 : Mewtwo – Miss Piggy

You don’t want to get on Mewtwo’s bad side. As we learned from the Pokemon movie, he’s got a mean streak and won’t let anyone stand in his way. Sounds like a certain diva pig with one hell of a karate chop.

#151 : Mew – Annie Sue

What are Mew and Annie Sue Pig if not the cuter, smaller, more popular versions of Mewtoo and Miss Piggy?

And that, by our count, is 151 total Pokémon and 151 of their Muppet counterparts!  And now that we’ve been looking at Muppets and Pokémon for so long, we just want a Muppet video game. Or a way to capture Muppets in the wild inside tiny red-and-white balls.  Is that too much to ask?

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by Julia Gaskill and Joe Hennes

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