Muppet*Vision Week: Disney World vs. Disneyland, pt. 2

Published: May 25, 2016
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Muppet*Vision 3D opened at Walt Disney World in May, 1991 – 25 years ago!  The attraction was duplicated in Disneyland, and features Kermit and the Muppets showing off 3D technology, including a bizarre digital puppet named Waldo.  It is also notable for being the last Muppet production overseen by Jim Henson before his passing.  To celebrate this momentous occasion, we are dedicating a week of ToughPigs articles to Muppet*Vision 3D!

When last we left off, we had explored the outside areas and entryways to both the Walt Disney World and Disneyland versions of Muppet*Vision 3D.  And yet, there’s still so much more to see!  Like the show, for example.

Let’s continue our double tour as we venture further into the world of Muppet*Vision, from the waiting area to the theater and out through the gift shop.

The Waiting Area

Walt Disney World

These waiting rooms are phenomenal.  There’s a gag, joke, or Muppet reference in every nook and cranny.  There are puns on the boxes, props from the films, and random crap hanging from the ceiling.  My favorite prop is the Swinetrek (also seen outside Disneyland’s Muppet*Vision attraction), and always worth a mention: The famous “net full of jello”.

mv wdw waitingroom1mv wdw waitingroom2
mv wdw waitingroom3
mv wdw waitingroom7
mv wdw waitingroom4
mv wdw waitingroom5
mv wdw waitingroom6
mv wdw waitingroom11
mv wdw waitingroom13mv wdw waitingroom8
mv wdw waitingroom9
mv wdw waitingroom10
mv wdw waitingroom12
mv wdw waitingroom14
mv wdw waitingroom15
mv wdw waitingroom16
mv wdw waitingroom17
mv wdw waitingroom18
mv wdw waitingroom19
mv wdw waitingroom20
mv wdw waitingroom21
mv wdw waitingroom23
mv wdw waitingroom24
mv wdw waitingroom28
mv wdw waitingroom25
mv wdw waitingroom22
mv wdw waitingroom26
mv wdw waitingroom27
mv wdw waitingroom29
mv wdw waitingroom30
mv wdw waitingroom31
mv wdw waitingroom32
mv wdw waitingroom33
mv wdw waitingroom34
mv wdw waitingroom35
mv wdw waitingroom36
mv wdw waitingroom37
mv wdw waitingroom38
mv wdw waitingroom39
mv wdw waitingroom40

The basic look of Disneyland’s waiting area is pretty similar, though there are just a few recycled jokes from Disney World’s version.  I especially like the birdcage filled with fish and the Muppet paintings from the Kermitage Collection.

mv dl waitingroom1 mv dl waitingroom2
mv dl waitingroom3
mv dl waitingroom5
mv dl waitingroom4
mv dl waitingroom6
mv dl waitingroom7
mv dl waitingroom8
mv dl waitingroom9
mv dl waitingroom12
mv dl waitingroom10
mv dl waitingroom11
mv dl waitingroom13
mv dl waitingroom14
mv dl waitingroom15
mv dl waitingroom17
mv dl waitingroom18
mv dl waitingroom22
mv dl waitingroom16
mv dl waitingroom19
mv dl waitingroom20
mv dl waitingroom21
mv dl waitingroom23
mv dl waitingroom25
mv dl waitingroom24
mv dl waitingroom26
mv dl waitingroom27
mv dl waitingroom28
mv dl waitingroom29
mv dl waitingroom30
mv dl waitingroom31
mv dl waitingroom32
The Theater

Walt Disney World

The theaters in both versions of the show are strikingly similar.  They both have the same giant stage, balcony seating, and elaborate back wall (for the Swedish Chef to peek through).  See if you can spot any interesting details in the pictures below!

mv wdw theater1 mv wdw theater3
mv wdw theater2 mv wdw theater4
mv wdw theater5
mv wdw theater6
mv wdw theater7
mv wdw theater8
mv wdw theater9

At the Disneyland Muppet*Vision, I was able to snap some photos of the artwork in the molding, which is phenomenal.  The piece above the stage, the castings over the doorways, and the designs in the walls are all pure works of art.  You may recognize one of these pieces from our feature on the artwork of Michael Frith!

mv dl theater1
mv dl theater2
mv dl theater3
mv dl theater4
mv dl theater5
mv dl theater6
mv dl theater7
Gift Shop

Walt Disney World

Unfortunately, Disneyland’s Muppet*Vision 3D didn’t have its own dedicated gift shop.  But the one at Walt Disney World does, and it’s exactly what you’d want a Muppet gift shop to be.  There’s a recreation of the inside of the Happiness Hotel, props from The Muppet Movie, standees of The Electric Mayhem, the lockers from Muppets Take Manhattan, and even the Muppet Babies nursery.  Wonderful stuff.

mv wdw gift1 mv wdw gift2
mv wdw gift3
mv wdw gift5
mv wdw gift4
mv wdw gift6
 mv wdw gift8 mv wdw gift9
mv wdw gift7
Walt Disney World – Gift Shop Signage

Just like inside the waiting area, the gift shop is full of jokes and gags, mostly involving the signage in the store.  Go ahead, give ’em a read!  Yes, all of them.  There will be a test.

mv wdw gift signs1 mv wdw gift signs5
mv wdw gift signs4
mv wdw gift signs6
mv wdw gift signs7
mv wdw gift signs8
mv wdw gift signs9
mv wdw gift signs10
mv wdw gift signs12
mv wdw gift signs11
mv wdw gift signs13
mv wdw gift signs14
mv wdw gift signs15 mv wdw gift signs16
And thus concludes our tours of both Muppet*Visions.  Sadly, the version in Disneyland is no longer with us, but we can always hope that it’ll return someday. Or who knows, maybe Tokyo Disneyland will introduce the attraction to their park!  There should be 20 different Muppet*Visions going on at any given time!  And then Disney should pay us to take pictures of all of them.  This is a good idea.

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