The Mup Art Show – September 2011

Published: September 20, 2011
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After the debut of our first Mup Art Show, we’ve received a lot of submissions, suggestions, and sketches from you, our ever-loyal fanbase.  And why not, since looking at these compilation articles is always a real joy.  Really, it seems impossible for an artist to half-ass a Muppet illustration, as they obviously put so much love into each one.

But enough talking about the pictures; let’s look at them!

And remember, if you’re a professional or semi-professional artist and you’d like your work to be in a future installment of The Mup Art Show, please feel free to e-mail your work to us!

Amy Mebberson

Peter de Seve

Erica Wester

Jason Cottle

Kenny Durkin

Jay Fosgitt

Amy Mebberson

Matt O’BrienSindre Hansen

Dan Barrett

Chris G.

Amy Mebberson


Larry Leong

Kenny Durkin

Tim Mayer

Brandon Chapman

Matthew Waite

Scott Triffle

Kacey Schwartz

Marco D’alfonso

Lawrence Christmas

The Gutters (Ryan Sohmer, Ryan Lee, Ed Ryzowski, Rus Wooton)


Michael De Pippo

Click here to wonder what the Muppet/Lincoln connection is on the ToughPigs forum!

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