The Mup Art Show – July 2011

Published: July 9, 2011
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Over on the ToughPigs forum, there’s a lot of sharing going on. We chat about what songs are stuck in our heads, we post pictures of Muppet cakes and cupcakes, and we share some of our favorite examples of Muppet fan art. I always thought it was a shame that those pictures weren’t being posted anywhere else, and then we came up with “The Mup Art Show.”

Every so often, we’ll post a roundup of some of our favorite recent Muppet fan art pieces, along with links to the artists’ websites or DeviantArt pages. We’ll keep on posting showcases for our favorite artists like Smig, Dave Hulteen, and Peter Savieri, but The Mup Art Show is for everyone else out there in fan art land.

If you’re a professional or semi-professional artist and you’d like your work to be in a future installment of The Mup Art Show, please feel free to e-mail your work to us!


syoung1Skottie Young


Skottie Young


Skottie Young

silvani-emJames Silvani

mebberson-lanternsAmy Mebberson

mebberson-oscarAmy Mebberson


amanitazestBrian Wolf

MUPPETS2Dave Perillo


negaduck9Kim McF

mickeystilettoMickey Stiletto


studiobuenoStudio Bueno

leviathansmilesKevin Shriver

moon_manunitJack Evans

middleclasscyborgMiddle Class Cyborg

melaniegraceyMelanie Gracey

missleoErin Hunting

missuspatchesMissus Patches

four_oh_fourFour Oh Four

skutterflyMatt Kaufenberg

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