You’d be hard pressed to find a better Muppet fan artist than Dave Hulteen.  Not only is he incredibly talented and one of the nicest guys in the business, but he has an appreciation for the Muppet characters that so many other artists lack.  Basically, I’ll take any opportunity to tell everyone how awesome Dave is.

As an exercise, Dave creates a new illustration every day (which you can follow on his Facebook page), and he spent a full week focusing on Rowlf the Dog.  Says Dave:

ROWLF! In anticipation for The Muppets newest movie, I took this week to draw their oldest and dearest character. Jim Henson’s first nationally famous character who is now performed incredibly well by Bill Barretta, there’s no other way to say, I love that brown, old, floppy eared dog.

So without further ado, here are the many Rowlfs of Dave Hulteen!

Li’l Piany
Vector art
Adobe Illustrator CS6

02-Rowlf-baby_pianoFirst Note, First Love
Colored pencil on sketch pad

03-Rowlf-Sam_KiethThe Rowlff
Inspired by artist Sam Kieth
Created in “Art Set” app
Apple iPad (with stylus)

04-Rowlf-Tank_GirlYou’re Not Booga
Inspired by artist Jamie Hewlett
Micron Pigma pens on bristol board
Color in Adobe Photoshop CS6

05-Rowlf-Gray_paperOld Brown Ears
Charcoal, conté crayon, chalk, & China marker on gray paper

dave-rowlf-sketchesOriginal sketches

Many thanks to Dave Hulteen for sharing his amazing work with us!

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by Joe Hennes –

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