Dave Hulteen is easily one of our most favorite Muppet fan artists on the net.  And it’s easy to see why, as he has such a profound love of the characters, plus he’s not too shabby with a pencil.

Over the past few months, Dave has been slowly building up a pile of new Muppet illustrations to share right here on ToughPigs.  And seriously, every single one of these was worth the wait.

Below, you’ll see things like a brilliant Winnie the Pooh homage, Animal’s experiment in Chibi, Big Bird’s reaction to that whole Mitt Romney mess from last year, and an illustration Dave made as a gift for Steve Whitmire showing the connection between his Muppet life with his charity work with the Shambala Preserve.

As always, a million thanks go out to Dave Hulteen for allowing us to share his work!  Enjoy the awesomeness, everyone!



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by Joe Hennes – Joe@ToughPigs.com

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