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Published: March 12, 2003
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So here, thanks to Scott’s painstaking research, is the best information we can piece together on the natural history of Grover’s Mom.

The evidence points to a dominant Grover’s Mom — or Groversmomicus Rex — with short brown curly hair, as seen here:



But other varieties have also been documented by GroversMomologists, for example:

The blonde Mom…


The blue haired Mom…


And the incredibly old Mom…


Supporting this diverse ecosystem of Moms, there are also a number of Uncles, as seen here. (Note the traditional bushy mustaches on Uncle Georgie and Uncle Ralph.)


As Scott and I dug deeper into this mystery, we were amazed to find evidence of Grover’s Mom even in a Cookie Monster book. “Me Cookie!” is the story of Cookie Monster’s infancy, but Cookie Monster’s parents don’t appear in the book. Grover’s Mom does. She’s everywhere! She’s everywhere!


What could explain this Momnipresence?

Did ancient astronauts seed the Earth with a race of Grover’s Moms?


Then, Scott made a final startling discovery… a picture of Grover’s Great Grandmother.


Clearly, this is the Ubermom — the source of all Grover’s Moms.

Even though we’ve traced the phenomenon back to its roots, there’s still further research to be done in the field of GroversMomology. For example, where do Grover’s Moms live? Does one Mom have custody, or does he spend time with each of them? Why do the older ones spend so much time milking cows?

And where the heck is Grover’s Dad?

Click here for Part 3: More Bushy Mustaches!

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