Grover’s Bad, Awful Book Club

Published: January 4, 2009
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My New Year’s resolution for 2009 is to post a new Book Club entry on ToughPigs. And why not just get that over with so I can start eating my chocolate-covered pretzels and ignoring my treadmill?

Let’s celebrate 2009 by laughing at the worst day in Grover’s pitiful existence. Please enjoy “Grover’s Bad, Awful Day”, and afterward pop your head into the ToughPigs forum to give us your discussion comments, witty observations, and run-on sentences. Or, if you’re not the forum kinda person, you can e-mail your comments to me at Then, in a couple weeks, I will post the best comments here on ToughPigs for everyone to ogle.

Why am I still talking? Let’s go watch Grover’s Job impression! Remember, clicky the images to make them biggie.

Suggested Discussion Questions:

1.) What is the root of Grover’s problems? Is it living in a single-parent household? Or the lack of a properly nutritious breakfast?

2.) Which of Barkley’s four performers do you think Grover is trying to draw?

3.) Why does Oscar get to bring his garbage can into class? Wouldn’t that be the equivalent of Bert and Ernie bringing their apartment to school?

4.) Does Herry Monster’s penchant for pointing out the obvious help or hinder Grover’s bad day? Because that’d bug the bejeezus out of me.

5.) Wouldn’t the grossness of grape ice cream just make Grover’s day even worse? Ick.
Click here to add your comments/concerns/conundrums on the ToughPigs forum! Or click here to e-mail them directly to Joe.

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