Fifty Fantastically Frameable Fraggles

Published: August 17, 2012
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Over the last four months, The Jim Henson Company has been asking all of the talented Fraggle Rock fans out there to put paintbrush to canvas and enter some fan art into their t-shirt contest.  And as you may know by now, I just can’t resist a good t-shirt contest. (As evidenced here and here and here.)

Unfortunately, due to the sheer number of entries (over 500!), the slow-moving website (which I’m sure is due to there being far too many Fraggle fans, which is never a bad thing), and my own lack of free time, I wasn’t able to review every entry as I did with the Threadless and Mighty Fine t-shirt design contests.  Instead, I cherry-picked 50 of my favorite entries and shared them below.

But rest assured, although you won’t be reading that patented ToughPigs snark with every entry, there are still plenty of hilariously bad pieces in the contest, including a photo of a robot and a sketch of a three-eyed tiger who loves math.  I’ll leave it to you to find those entries on your own scavenger hunt.

Be sure to click on the links below each image to cast your own vote, and click here to check out the entire contest and see the other 450 entries!  Voting will be open until August 22.  Good luck to everyone who entered!

Fraggleidoscope by Kenny Durkin

30 Years of Fraggle Magic
by James Carroll

Fraggle Rock GOLD by Christopher O’Connor

Just as Curious by Rodd Zinberg

Fraggle Rock 30th Anniversary by Nate Kelly

Fraggle Rock Color Wheel by Erica Wester

The Fraggle Five by Nick Bondra

Peace for Fraggles by Gillian Twining

You Cannot Leave the MagicT by Rhett Pennell

We Are Harmony by Breanne Smith

30 Years Down at Fraggle Rock by Amber Keplinger

Fraggles Like Hugs by Karen Bullock

Fraggle Rock 30th Anniversary! by Kim Kennedy

Fraggle Rock 30th Anniversary by Casey Weeks

Fraggles Celebrate 30th Anniversary by Christina Patterson

Circle of Fraggle Friends by Neil Whitman

Cantus the Minstrel, Live Tonight in Fraggle Rock by Marco Alama

30 Years Strong by Steven Botelho

Fraggle Rock 30th Anniversary Celebration by Carlos Granja Robalino

Dancing Dancing Dancing Your Cares Away by Steve Troop

Fraggle Rock of Ages by Noel Schornhorst

Fraggle Rock by Mafe Garcia

Vitruvian Gobo by Javier Pajares Sanchez

The Fraggle Parade by Anthony Wallace

We See with Our Eyes, We Know with Our Hearts by Ceris Anne

The Ties that Bind by David Vordtriede

Arte de Jairo Dutra by Jairo Dutra

Back Home by Jose Fragoso

30 Years and Still Irresistible! by Ashley Moore

Congrats on 30 Years! by Morgan Long

Dream Sharing by Sara Easow

The Fraggle Universe by Leeann Hamilton

It’s a Radish World by Jake Myler

Come and Follow Me by Keith Krail

Fraggle Rock 30 by Sebastian Cichon

Scenic Lookout at Fraggle Rock by Eli Wolff

Gobo & Sprocket by Pupi Herrera

Minstrels in the Gallery by Aimee Thorne

Doozers’ Lunch Break by Aina Albi

Dance Your Cares Away by Enrique Ollero

Happy 30th by Sarah Kamada

Laundry Time by Merche Moreno

Dance Your Cares Away by Mister Hope

King of the Gorgs by Francois Guay

The Fellowship by Warren Moten

Still Rockin’ by Farhana Jaffer

Doozer Minimalism by Neil Massey

Doozers Can! by Aviv Itzcovitz

Henson and Fraggle Rock by Tom Bernardes

I Was a Muppet Geek by Inbal Hoffman

All Around the World by Douglas Pledger

It’s All Connected by Heidi Arnhold

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