Fraggle Rock premiered in 1983, and if my abacus isn’t lying to my face (like that jerk of a toaster oven), that means they’ll be turning 30 next year.  That also means that they’ll be making another once-every-five-years attempt to get the Fraggles back in the limelight.  Among the promotions planned:

Artist community Talenthouse is hosting a Fraggle Rock art contest.  Artists can submit their Fraggle-themed work, and ten winners will walk away with incentives like cash, a Henson Company tour, and the possibility of seeing your work on future Fraggle merch.

Thirty different brands, designers, and artists will be creating new “unique” products, such as more high-end DRx Romanelli apparel, “funky” costume jewelry designed by Anita Ko, a line of “String Doll Gang” dolls from Kamibashi, and an album of Fraggle Rock music covers by popular indie artists.  I for one am happy to see a mix of high-end and affordable merch, and especially the album, which is bound to be a hit amongst the fans.

So will this attempt at raising Fraggle awareness lock in better than before?  Time will tell, and so will we once we start getting more details about this promotional push.

For more details, read the Jim Henson Company’s press release here.

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by Joe Hennes –

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