Even More Fraggle Figures From Boss Fight Coming Soon

Published: October 6, 2023
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We previously reported on the first wave of Fraggle Rock figures from Boss Fight. Those are still available for pre-order and are touted as coming sometime in Q1 of 2024. But Boss Fight has just announced another swath of Fraggle figures will follow right behind in Q2, so let’s see who’s in this next batch!

First up, we have good ol’ Boober. He’s got a ton of accessories, including some laundry, cookware, a pan-flute, swappable heads and hands for holding said laundry, and even a swappable, glowing Baloobious! I’m glad that’s included. It makes me so happy, my Baloobious is glowing! Wait, I don’t have a tail. Oh, my pants are just on fire. Carry on!

Next up is Wembley, who comes with his bongos, his “Bembley” doll (from the Back to the Rock episode “The Merggle Moon Migration”), some swappable heads and hands, and some very specific accessories tied to the episode “Wembley the Spokesfraggle” – a head with his slicked-back hairdo, a flaming necktie, and a goo-flavored Doozer construction. I cannot stress this enough – do not eat it, no matter how catchy Wembley’s jingle may be.

Then to help mellow your mood, it’s Mokey, who comes with some replaceable heads and hands, her Fraggle flute, and that rainbow-barfing, talking radish from her dream in “The Merggle Moon Migration,” an interesting choice to say the least. I know Mokey’s redesign is a huge point of contention for a lot of fans who prefer her old look. But, Boss Fight has said that a figure of Mokey’s old design is certainly on the table for future waves for figures, so that’s good to hear.

Finally, there’s the goodest boy in all the land, Sprocket. He only comes with a doggy dish and extra pair of paws to hold up said doggy dish. But, ya’ know, he’s only a dog, so what more could he need?

And that’s all for now! With these first two waves, we’ll have taken care of the Fraggle five and most of the other main characters. Naturally, some Gorgs must be on the way after that, and then Boss Fight can really start to exploit the wide array of Fraggle characters we’d never expect toys of. Here’s hoping they come with some Inkspots!

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By Shane Keating

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