Fozzie Bear is the Voice of a Cartoon Dentist

Published: January 31, 2019
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We’ve said it many times before – Muppet performers are not “voice actors”.  But what about the Muppets?  Or, in this case, Fozzie Bear?

In a very strange turn of events, Fozzie Bear has received his first job as a voice actor.  He’ll be performing Dr. Enamel on the Disney Channel show Big City Greens.

If you choose to peek behind the curtain, I guess this means that Eric Jacobson will be voicing the cartoon dentist, using his Fozzie Bear voice.  But the credit will go to the bear and not the man?  Oh, who knows.

You can watch a teaser video below in which Fozzie talks about his new gig, and his aspirations for a future in the orthodontic arts.

Dr. Enamel will debut in the February 9th episode of Big City Greens on the Disney Channel.

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