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A hundred people were surveyed on this question. The top five answers are on the board. The question is: Who is the funniest Muppet on Family Feud today?

And the number one answer, of course, is Johnny Fiama, who manages to cut through Louie Anderson’s bluster and make the show fun today. The Muppets really struck gold when they hired Bill Barretta. Pepe was the star yesterday, and today, it’s all about Johnny.

It’s Johnny’s turn at the button, and he’s shaking. “Very nervous,” he explains. He gets an answer on the board, and the Muppets get to play. Then there’s a little love-fest between Louie and Johnny:

Louie: “You were nervous, but you pulled through.”

Johnny: “Well, I try, baby, you know.”

Louie: “You’re gorgeous, man.”

Johnny: “Hey — I love your suit.”

It’s excellent. Notice that Louie is actually a professional comedian, and Johnny is running circles around him. Go Johnny.

Then Johnny starts choking. Asked who a child might mention in his prayers, Johnny panics and yells, “Cannolis!”

Then, in the final round, the Muppets have one more chance to guess what the flavor of a green jellybean could be. It’s Johnny’s turn. “Oh, my God,” he mutters… “Eh… OLIVE!”

“Olive” is not on the board. The Muppets lose the game. But God bless ya, Johnny, for making us laugh at Family Feud again.

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by Danny Horn

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