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Continuing his trend of expanding Muppet skits into their own universes, Bear on Patrol and Robin’s Frog Scout troupe gain a few members each. There’s nothing like a Muppet in uniform…


Evildoers beware, it’s the League of Super Monsters! Captain Cookie, Runaround, The Unbelievable Hunk, Wonder Zoe, Multi-Monster, and The Terrific Two make up the superhero team that fights for truth, justice, and maybe a cookie after they finish their vegetables!

LSM Captain CookieLSM Multi-Monster

LSM RunaroundLSM Terrific Two


Pigs In Space: Deep Dish Nine fell a little flat on Muppets Tonight in comparison to the original. But David Rosenberg’s new imagining of the sci-fi parody looks like something I’d be interested in tuning in for every week. And the Challengers of the Weird mixes two of my favorite things: obscure DC comics superhero teams and forgotten Jim Henson Hour characters!



Many thanks to David Rosenberg for his fantastic work! We’ll hope to see more of it here soon!monsters

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by Joe Hennes –

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