Frogs and Pigs Invade D23

Published: August 20, 2011
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As you probably know by now, Disney’s big D23 Expo is happening this weekend.  And while it wasn’t in Disney’s budget to fly the ToughPigs staff to California for the event, some other folks from the Muppet fan community did make it, including former ToughPigs runner and current Muppet Wiki admin Danny Horn, as well as Ryan Dosier, owner of rival Muppet fan site The Muppet Mindset.

Lucky for us, Ryan has been tweeting his experience at D23, including today’s big Muppet presentation.  With his permission, I’ll repost his tweets right here.  Please excuse the abbreviations; blame Twitter’s 140-character limit.

There is so so much to say about what I just saw… how about we tell you about it? 😉

Kermit and Jason roll out on stage already seated in director chairs. Miss Piggy noticeably absent. K & J schmooze the fans. Lots of cheers

They talk for a bit about the movie and D23 Expo. Kermit: “I’m a regular here!” Jason nervous cause Piggy still missing.

Kermit: “Jason you worked on a movie with her for 8 months. Don’t you know she’s never on time?”

Jason and Kermit decide they should just show the clips (two of ’em) and say its good Miss P isn’t there since she’s not in the clips.

Miss Piggy rolls out in sidecar of a motorcycle (hog on a hog), schmoozes the crowd: “Oh, it is SO good to be at D23 with all moi’s FANS!”

She says her fans deserve a great clip from HER movie. Asks J&K what clips they brought. K dodges question brilliantly to J who fumbles.

Jason mumbles through an answer about 1 clip. Passes to Kermit for clip 2. Kermit: “Erm… well… that is to say… ROLL FILM!”

The segment with Jason Segel, Kermit, and Miss Piggy was a bit longer and more funny than my tweets, but those were the highlights.

First clip took us with Jason, Amy Adams, and Walter in a car in Hollywood looking for Kermit’s house. Find it behind the Kermit/Piggy gate.

Lights are off, fence is locked. Walter suggests Jason throw him over, Jason says no but Walter persists–as any true Muppet fan would.

Electric fence shocking Walter segment is MUCH shorter than in trailer. Barely 2 seconds long and the comic timing is spot on.

Walter falls off, begs to be thrown again, Jason says no. Walter says, “Gary, this is KERMIT. We have to get in!” Then… angelic voices…

1 incredibly funny visual gag later & we see Kermit. Walter faints instantly Scene change, Kermit’s house. J, K, and AA look down at Walter.

Jason implores Kermit about something, 80’s Robot interrupts offering TAB and New Coke, Kermit shoos him away as he crashes into things.

End clip 1. Cut to close up of Kermit, Rowlf, Fozzie prying away the lock on the door of the Muppet Theater and K pushing away police tape.

Kermit walks in. A BEAUTIFUL moment where we hear Jim’s voice shout, “Our very special guest star, Mister Bob Hope!!” Theater is run down.

We hear Jerry Nelson’s voice: “PIIIIIGS IIIIIIN SPAAAACE” as Kermit looks around the old theater. Whole gang w J, AA, and Walter there too.

Kermit says, “Well everybody… we’re here!” Fozzie: “Uh… Ker-mit… we can’t rehearse here in THIS condition!”

Floyd: Yeah… who fired the maid service?! *laughs* Jason: Kermit, Mary, Walter, and me would love to help clean up. It would be an honor!

Kermit agrees, the gang is excited, cut to… Scooter sweeping. Slowly. Kermit: “Well this is boring.”

Walter: Don’t you remember…? You’re the Muppets. You’re supposed to do things with… with music!

Dr. Teeth: “Well al-right!” Dr. Teeth presses a button on a radio and “We Built This City” plays.

Indescribably amazing montage. LOTS of Scooter, Floyd, BEAUREGARD speaks, Wayne, Wanda, Thog, Link, singing, dancing, making people happy.

Great moments w Fozzie, Animal, Walter, Amy, penguins, Rowlf, Beauregard, Scooter, many others. Muppets everywhere. All lip-syncing to song.

The whole montage is framed by Kermit making desperate calls to has-been celebrities to do the show. Jimmy Carter, Molly Ringwold, etc.

Chicken feather dusters, rats on boards, Walter the sponge, Sweetums, pigs, Swedish Chef… the clip could not have been more Muppety.

Then, finished, camera circles around all Muppets as they survey pristine, gorgeous, amazing theater. Dr. Teeth turns off music and laughs.

My impressions of the clips couldn’t be more positive. Inside jokes galore, great visual gags/vocal, everything. Muppets look/sound GREAT.

Jason and Amy fit in perfectly. No over-acting. Both clearly thrilled to be there. Jason calls Kermit “sir” at one point and it’s great.

I can’t think of one bad thing to say. Honestly. It was pitch-perfect at every turn. Walter was magnificent–he’s me. And you. Just wait.

If the rest of The Muppets is half as good as the clips, we’re in for the thrill of a lifetime. It really is the one we’ve been waiting for.

And there you have it, straight from Dosier’s mouth/fingers.  I’m sure the Muppet Mindset will have a full report once Ryan makes it back home, so consider this a tease until then.

Thanks a million to Ryan for allowing us to steal his thunder!

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