C is for Cookie, That’s Good Enough for Meme

Published: April 9, 2018
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To celebrate the release of Cookie Monster’s new book, “The Joy of Cookies”, we asked you to create some memes starring the cookie lover himself. And boy, did you all deliver!

We’re proud to reveal the results of this contest – some of you will be getting free copies of the book, and everyone else who entered will receive a recipe card signed by Cookie Monster himself!  Not bad for putting a little text on a picture!

For more wisdom actually written by Cookie Monster, you should get yourself a copy of “The Joy of Cookies”, in stores this week!  Click here to get your copy on Amazon.

So without further ado, we present our five winners, who can expect Cookie Monster’s book in their mailboxes soon:

by Cameron Garrity

by Ellie Drabnis

by Evan Nisenson

by Gabriel Gatica

by Jay Lundy

Congrats to our winners!  And now, here are the memes from the rest of our contest entrants, which earned each of them a signed recipe card.  I have to admit, some of these entries are brilliant, and you made our job of selecting winners extremely difficult.  You should all be proud of your work!

by Anthony White

by Christy Walk

by Emily Quick

by Gabriel Gatica

by Ivan Guerrero

by James Atchley

by Jason Bornstein

by Jeremy Wilcox

by Joel Schlosberg

by Joel Schlosberg

by Joel Schlosberg

by Kyle Wilkinson

by Leighanne Mazure

by Marlon Fernandes

by Matt Wilkie

by Matthew Lydick

by Matthew Soberman

by Richard Wierzbowski

by Rick Nordeen

by Shane Keating

by Shane Keating

by Shane Keating

by Spencer Cohen

And one video submission, courtesy of Joseph Scarborough!

Many thanks to everyone who entered our contest!  And thanks to the good folks at Macmillan Publishing for providing the books and recipe cards for our winners.

Click here to get a cookie headache on the ToughPigs forum!

by Joe Hennes – Joe@ToughPigs.com

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