The Muppets Mayhem: Backstage Pass – “Drift Away”

Published: August 10, 2023
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This podcast was recorded before the 2023 SAG-AFTRA strike, and no performers or writers have crossed picket lines to participate. This is a stark reminder that without the labor of the actors and writers currently on strike, The Muppets Mayhem would not exist.

The penultimate episode of THE MUPPETS MAYHEM: BACKSTAGE PASS is upon us! So of course, we have to discuss the penultimate episode of The Muppets Mayhem – “Drift Away,” in which the band splits up to pursue their own solo careers. Heartbreaking!

Joining us for this special episode is the Muppet performer who gives groove to guitar player Janice – it’s David Rudman! And joining us as always are Co-creators and Executive Producers Jeff Yorkes and Bill Barretta!

Plus! How David met Richard Hunt! Soup jingles! How “culty” can Janice’s cult get?

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The Muppets Mayhem: Backstage Pass is brought you to by

Produced, written, and hosted by Joe Hennes.

Logo art by Dave Hulteen, Jr. The Muppets Mayhem mark and logo, characters, and elements are trademarks of The Muppets Studio. All rights reserved.

Transcriptions provided by Katilyn Miller.

The Muppets Mayhem end credits, written by Mick Giacchino, is used with permission.

Special thanks to The Muppets Studio, Disney+, and the entire Muppets Mayhem family.

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