It seems like only a week ago when we saw our first glimpse of the Fraggles in years, including John Tartaglia’s take on Gobo Fraggle (not to mention the return of Karen Prell as Red).  So it comes as little surprise that there’s more than just a Hub Network commercial with 2/5 of the Fraggle Five.

Apparently, Gobo and Red have been taking questions from the audience, and they’re answering them in this Ask a Fraggle promo!  Click here to watch the video and find out what Doozer sticks taste like, how Red does her hair in the morning, and whether or not Gobo and Red are bronies.

UPDATE: Thanks to our friends at Muppet Musings, here’s a YouTube version:

Click here to listen to Convincing John on the ToughPigs forum!

by Joe Hennes –

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