ToughPigs Art: Tony Whitakers Final 10 Years of Sesame Street

Published: November 13, 2019
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Seasons 1-20
Seasons 21-40
Seasons 41-50

I’m impressed by anyone who can accomplish fifty of anything.  It’s quite a feat to read 50 books or fold 50 origami cranes or produce 50 years of a quality children’s television program.  It’s also impressive to see artists like Tony Whitaker who completed fifty full illustrations celebrating each season of Sesame Street.

Tony began with the first twenty seasons a couple years ago, and then doubled his efforts with the next twenty seasons earlier this year.  We are now proud to share the end result of Tony’s project with his illustrations based on seasons 41 through 50, thus completing the set.  And much like the other pieces in this series, each one is full of references to their episodes and specials.

See what I mean?  Impressive.

Many thanks to Tony Whitaker for sharing his work with us, and to Kyle Wilkinson for coordinating.  Enjoy!

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by Joe Hennes –

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