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Seasons 21-40
Seasons 41-50

Last year, uber Muppet fan Tony Whitaker shared with us his illustrations inspired by the first 20 seasons of Sesame Street (which you can – and should – see here).  But as we all know, there are far more than 20 seasons of Sesame!

Tony has been hard at work nearing completion of his Sesame series, and he’s ready to share with us his pieces based on seasons 21 through 40.  No promises, but we’re hoping Tony will have 10 more to share with us by Sesame Street’s 50th anniversary this fall.

Just like his previous series, every image below is chock-full of Easter eggs and references.  See if you can recognize them all!  And at the end, you’ll find a bonus image honoring Caroll Spinney in celebration of his retirement and 50-year career performing Big Bird and Oscar the Grouch.

Many thanks to Tony for sharing his work with us, and thanks to Kyle Wilkinson for helping to make the connection!

Enjoy the Sesame history, everyone!

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by Joe Hennes –

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