10 LEGO Sets Perfect for the Upcoming Muppet Minifigs Series

Published: April 8, 2022
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Today’s post is written by Ivan Guerrero, who designed the LEGO Idea that became the Sesame Street LEGO set!

You’ve probably heard the rumors or seen leaked images of the upcoming LEGO Muppet minifigures. According to news sites, we’ll be getting a total of 12 Muppet figures, each with their own little accessories. While LEGO hasn’t officially announced any plans for a Muppet playset just yet, it’s quite possible that this series may be a standalone release, much like the recent Looney Tunes or Disney series. 

If you’re as psyched as I am, you’re probably already thinking about the many ways you could play and display these Muppet minis. As a LEGO fan designer who has attempted to design a Muppet Show theater (not once, but twice!) I’ve always felt that the Muppets’ brand of humor and creativity would translate perfectly as its own LEGO theme. In fact, I would argue that LEGO has already produced several sets in recent years that would be perfectly suited to house Muppet minifigs. 

With a few clever changes, these playsets can easily be retrofitted to become your Muppet figures’ new home. The great thing about LEGO is there’s no limit to what you can build. Just order a few extra pieces from LEGO’s Bricklink site and add in a dash of Muppetiness! 

Here are ten existing LEGO sets that are secretly Muppets sets waiting to be discovered. 

1. Palace Cinema (10232) 
to substitute for The Muppet Theatre

If you’re planning to collect LEGO Muppets, you’re going to need a space for them to ‘play the music’ and ‘light the lights.’ Right now, the Palace Cinema from 2013 might just be the closest we’ll get to building a Muppet Theatre. On the outside, it features a large theater signage and marquee similar to the facade seen in It’s a Very Merry Muppet Christmas Movie. Walk around the corner and you’ll spot some sidewalk stars and movie posters that you can swap out with your own custom Muppet stickers. It even includes a limo that’s perfect for a certain diva pig. Inside, it has a small movie theater where you can probably schedule a private screening of The Muppet Movie. Boomerang fish not included!   

2. Charles Dickens Tribute (40410)
to substitute for The Muppet Christmas Carol

“The Marleys were dead, to begin with…” at least that’s what the omniscient, blue Charles Dickens (that will soon be living in this playset) said. What better place to store your Gonzo and Kermit minifigs than in a diorama that doubles as a set for the beloved film, The Muppet Christmas Carol. Released in 2020, this promotional seasonal set recreates the Christmas Day scene in Charles Dickens classic novel, A Christmas Carol. It includes minifigs of Bob Crachit, Tiny Tim, and more importantly, Ebenezer Scrooge — who bears enough of a passing resemblance to Michael Caine. 

3. J.B.’s Ghost Lab (70418)
to substitute for Muppet Labs

In 2019, LEGO launched Hidden Side, a line of playsets that linked to an augmented reality app. J.B.’s Ghost Lab was one of those wacky, interactive sets that can be the perfect backdrop for Muppet Labs, “where the future is being made today.” The set is chock-full of mad science inventions and equipment that are just waiting to explode with a flip of a switch. Best of all, there’s an electrode chamber that’s suitable for performing experiments on poor Beaker.  

4. Pop Star Show Stage (41105) 
to substitute for Dr. Teeth and the Electric Mayhem’s Stage

While LEGO has produced talent shows and stage sets in the past (41368, 41334, 41254 to name a few), I zeroed in on 2015’s LEGO Friends Pop Star Stage because it has enough space to house the entire crew of the Electric Mayhem. Even though LEGO is only releasing Animal and Janice in this wave of minifigs, the set comes with several mini stages that are ready for the eventual release of Dr. Teeth, Floyd, Zoot and Lips. The set also has fun play features that allow you to rearrange the stages and add rotating backdrops (or your own custom Electric Mayhem band posters). Can you picture that? 

5. Pop Star Dressing Room (41104)
to substitute for Miss Piggy’s Dressing Room

You can’t own a Miss Piggy minifigure and not give her a dressing room fit for a superstar! Pop Star Dressing room from 2015’s LEGO Friends is a fold-out set that includes a vanity mirror with lights, a large walk-in closet, and a mini fridge. It’s the perfect place for a porcine diva to practice her French and keep out all the weirdos. To top it off, the set also has a lavish dog bed for Piggy’s pooch, Foo-Foo. 

6. Shrimp Shack Attack (70422) 
to substitute for The Swedish Chef’s Kitchen

This LEGO Hidden Side set released in 2019 is a beach-side restaurant that has “spooky shrimp” on the menu. Though the Swedish Chef prefers a more Scandinavian kitchen, he has been known to tussle with crusty crustaceans, like shrimps and lobsters. Shrimp Shack Attack features a fully furnished kitchen with stoves, grills and kitchen utensils. It has everything Chef will need to plot his next recipe. Why not customize the set further by adding a few LEGO lobsters, a tennis racket, or a musket?

7. Pirate Ship (31109)
to substitute for The Hispaniola from Muppet Treasure Island

Pirates is one of LEGO’s most popular themed line of sets. Since it debuted in 1989, it has produced a massive fleet of pirate ships and island playsets. With all the sets to choose from, it will be fairly easy to find alternative torso and leg parts to dress up your Muppets in period outfits (for instance, try using a Governor minifig to make your own Captain Smollet Kermit).

In 2020, LEGO released a Creator 3-in-1 Pirate Ship set with large white sails, a crow’s nest, a captain’s cabin, and a hold for nosy cabin boys. It’s everything you need to recreate the Hispaniola from Muppet Treasure Island, minus the cabin fever! More advanced LEGO builders might even be able to swap out the mermaid figurehead and replace it with the Statler and Waldorf minifigs. 

8. London Bus (10258) 
to substitute for The Electric Mayhem bus

The Electric Mayhem Bus from The Muppet Movie is probably the most iconic Muppet vehicle (sorry, Studebaker!) Though LEGO hasn’t produced a psychedelic-painted bus amongst its many vehicle sets, it did release a red, double-decker bus in 2017. If you’ve built your own LEGO projects before, you’ll probably be able to figure out how to knock down the bus’ second level and customize the build for your next trippy road trip. Outtasight!

9. Haunted House (10273)
to substitute for Muppets Haunted Mansion

When LEGO released their latest Haunted House set in 2020, Disney fans may have noticed that it seemed to take inspiration from both Disney’s Tower of Terror and Haunted Mansion attractions. Much like the latter, the Muppets also recreated the classic haunted house ride in last year’s Disney+ special, Muppets Haunted Mansion. The similarities to the source material helps make this set the perfect companion piece. It features a mini graveyard, a ghostly pipe organ, and an attic full of spooky artifacts. All things you’d need for a gathering of grim, grinning Muppets. Best of all, the set comes with a dropping elevator ride, in case you’d like to recreate Gonzo’s freefall from atop the mansion’s staircase. 

10. 123 Sesame Street (21324)

One of the best reasons to collect the upcoming Muppet minifigures is having the characters crossover with their fellow Muppets on Sesame Street, a feat not seen since the Jim Henson Company divided the ownership of the various Muppets franchises. 

With 2020’s LEGO Ideas Sesame Street set (based on a design by yours truly), Muppet fans have been able to recreate the most famous street in the world. Adding in the Disney-owned Muppets to the set will allow us to relive some of our favorite Henson crossovers, from back when that was a thing. For instance you’ll be able to bring back Sesame Street News’ own fairytale beat reporter, Kermit the Frog. You can reenact memorable pairings, such as Swedish Chef and Big Bird from A Muppet Family Christmas, or even organize a wedding ceremony for Kermit and Piggy, just like in Muppets Take Manhattan. Owning Sesame Street and Disney Muppet LEGO figures brings us one step closer to reuniting the entire Muppet family multiverse.  


Trying to stay on a budget? Last year, LEGO Friends released a line of mini playsets that could also double as miniature dioramas for some of your Muppets. Check ‘em out below.

Andrea’s Play Cube (41400) for Janice, Animal and Rowlf

Olivia’s Play Cube (41402) for Bunsen and Beaker

Stephanie’s Ballet Cube (41670) for Miss Piggy

Stephanie’s Play Cube (41401) for the Swedish Chef

Mia’s Shopping Play Cube (41408) for Statler and Waldorf

Got your own ideas for a Muppet playset? The great thing about LEGO is you’re free to create or customize your own build. While the release date for the Muppets Minifigs has yet to be officially announced, the LEGO rumor mill is predicting they’ll be hitting shelves in early May 2022. 

It’s time to get things started on your own most sensational, celebrational, Muppetational, LEGOtational playset!

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