You Can Watch the Muppets’ 2012 All-Star Comedy Gala on Hulu

Published: March 24, 2014
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All Star Comedy Gala
So there’s a new Muppet thing you can see in movie theaters right now.  That’s exciting.  But check out this other Muppet thing you maybe probably haven’t seen yet!

In 2012, the Muppets did an “All-Star Comedy Gala” show at the Montreal Just for Laughs festival, which was very well received by all in attendance.  Tough Pigs’ own Matthew Soberman was there, and wrote this review of it. Not long after, a video of the whole show was briefly available on Vimeo, but then it vanished, like a Tim Horton’s donut in front of a hungry person who really likes donuts.

But now there’s good news for anyone who missed it there: The whole show is currently available for viewing on Hulu!  If the patron saint of embedded video is smiling down upon me today, you should be able to see it below.  Otherwise, you can click here to watch it on Hulu’s site.

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