The Worst of the Muppets – A Special Sesame Street Christmas

Published: December 7, 2023
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We’re excited to premiere a brand new ToughPigs podcast series: The Worst of the Muppets! We’ll be covering some of the most painful and cringe-worthy productions the Muppets have ever been a part of. And because ’tis the season, we’ll be kicking it off with a miniseries all about Muppet holiday specials!

For our premiere episode, we’ll be tackling the truly terribly A Special Sesame Street Christmas, in which Oscar sings “Yakkety Yak,” Michael Jackson reads a book about ghosts, and Imogene Coca looks like an idiot.

Our special guest is actor, director, puppeteer, and Muppet fan Fergie Phillipe! (To whom we apologize profusely.)

Join us over the next four weeks for some coal in our stockings, bah humbugs, and Christmas jeers!

And don’t worry – Hubba-Wha?! will return in January.

Find us at “Muppet Fan Podcasts with” on your favorite podcast catchers, including Apple PodcastsGoogle Podcasts, or Spotify!


Hosted, written, edited, and produced by: Joe Hennes

Special guest: Fergie L. Phillipe

Artwork by: Noah Ginex

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