Who’s Cuter: Muppet Babies VS Baby Yoda

Published: January 13, 2020
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Jarrod Fairclough – In 2018 Disney Junior started airing Muppet Babies, a revamped version of the classic 80’s cartoon series.  Immediatly we all fell in love, and part of that is to do with the incredible design work by Matt Danner and his team.  Then, just a couple of months ago, the world was introduced to The Child in The Mandalorian on Disney+.  While not a baby version of the character Yoda, he was still referred to in pop culture as such.  And today we’re comparing him to seven of the Muppet Babies in order to find out just who is cuter.

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Baby Yoda vs Baby Kermit
These two characters have the most in common, in that they’re both small and green.  While Baby Yoda has big expressive eyes, Baby Kermit relies on his pupils to change shape to convey his emotion.  I’m sorry, Kermit, but I’m just not 100% sure you could beat Baby Yoda in a cuteness contest.
Point to Baby Yoda.

piggy yoda

Baby Yoda vs Baby Piggy
While Kermit couldn’t get it over the line when it came to the eyes, Baby Piggy might just get there.  God knows Baby Yoda doesn’t take any crap from anyone, but when has Baby Piggy ever either.  I don’t think Baby Yoda could rock a pink tutu as well as Piggy, so she’s got this one in the bag.
Point to Baby Piggy.

animal yoda

Baby Yoda vs Baby Animal
This one came down to one thing and one thing only – the teeth.  While Baby Animal has cartoony versions of his adult teeth, fangs if you will, Baby Yoda has terrifying sharp chompers that make me scared when I close my eyes.  Congratulations, Animal, you don’t give me nightmares like Baby Yoda does.
Point to Baby Animal.

fozzie yoda

Baby Yoda vs Baby Fozzie
Fozzie wears a snug fitting light yellow polo, where as Baby Yoda is wearing a hessian sack three sizes too big for him.  And if you’ve been around children, you’ll know that there are few things cuter than when they put on clothes that are too big for them.  Sorry, Foz, this isn’t your day.
Point to Baby Yoda.

gonzo yoda

Baby Yoda vs Baby Gonzo
Baby Gonzo is one of my favorite parts of the series.  Gonzo’s facial expressions are down pat, and while Baby Yoda has his fun moments, Baby Gonzo has nothing BUT fun moments.  He could turn walking through a cavern into a three hour epic adventure with tapioca and pudding and chickens.  I don’t see Baby Yoda doing that.
Point to Baby Gonzo.

rizzo yoda

Baby Yoda vs Baby Rizzo
These two kind of look alike, don’t they?  They have the big ears, the big eyes, a few bits of fur, and same stature.  They both have big jackets.  They’re both kind of brats…  I’m calling this one a draw.
No Points Given.

sweetums yoda

Baby Yoda vs Baby Sweetums
I mean, obviously Baby Sweetums.  Let’s not mess around.
Point to Baby Sweetums

And the final tally is:


Ergo, Muppet Babies is the winner!

What a complete waste of everyone’s time.

muppet babies group

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