Rumor: New Muppet Attraction at Disney World’s Hall of Presidents?

Published: April 8, 2016
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With rumors and news circulating about the Muppets’ presence at Walt Disney World, we’re trying to keep our eyes and ears open for any sliver of information that might indicate what sort of Muppet stuff we’ll get to see in Orlando.  So of course, some of those rumors are going to be a bit odd.  Like this one.

According to one Disney parks blog, there’s some construction happening on the second floor of the Hall of Presidents, where you can see robot versions of James K. Polk and Martin Van Buren.  And what might be resulting from the construction is a new Muppet attraction.

So let’s speculate about what that means!  Maybe there’s a new show starring Sam the Eagle.  Maybe the Muppets will be using their own animatronics to parody the Hall of Presidents.  Maybe Muppet*Vision 3D will be relocated here to make room for a new Muppet show at Hollywood Studios.  Maybe there will be a new outdoor show with live full-bodied characters.  Maybe it will be a display/show that you can watch from the street.  Maybe the Presidents will stick their animatronic arms into the ceiling and put on a puppet show on the second floor.

Minor Update: As pointed out to us by ToughPigs reader Max Jessop, the proposed-but-never-made Disney’s America theme park in the 1990s would have featured a Muppet musical show about immigration at Ellis Island.  Perhaps that concept is making a comeback?

Obviously, take this rumor with a huge grain of salt.  But if Disney World really wants to up their Muppet presence, it’s not completely out of the realm of possibility for them to begin building a new attraction at Liberty Square.

Stay tuned for more news and rumors as we hear them!

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