Walter Has a Voice!

Published: December 15, 2010
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For a while now, we’ve all been under the impression that Walter, the newest character created for the upcoming Muppet movie, will be voiced by Scott Pilgrim himself, Michael Cera. There was also a brief time in which Walter was rumored to be voiced by Paul Rudd. Well, neither of these things are true. What is true is that Walter will be voiced by Muppeteer Peter Linz.

Peter Linz has been a puppeteer on Sesame Street for over 17 years, and is probably most famous for his roles as Tutter and Pip on Bear in the Big Blue House.

According to a recent interview with Jason Segel and MTV, celebrities were never being considered to provide the voice of Walter, and Linz (who also performs the puppet) was always the voice they had in mind.

Whether you were looking forward to the star power of Michael Cera or whether you were rooting for One Muppet, One Voice, I think we can all agree that this bodes very well for both the dedication of Jason Segel and the promise of the movie’s overall quality. I’m sold!SPL233996_012

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