VIDEO: Muppet Connections on the Hollywood Walk of Fame

Published: February 22, 2023
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There are over 2,000 stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, and around the same number of celebrities who’ve worked with the Muppets. There’s more than a little overlap.

A few years back, some of your ToughPigs pals traveled to Los Angeles to see The Muppets at the Hollywood Bowl. While we played tourist, we had a fun idea: Let’s walk the entirety of the Hollywood Walk of Fame and note every celebrity’s star we could find that had a Muppet connection. Naturally, there were a lot.

Of course, we likely missed a few, either because we didn’t see them, because crowds were too massive, or because the celebrities in question didn’t make their connections until after 2017. What I’m saying is, we’re gonna be a bit flawed, but I think we can all just get over it.


Special thanks to Katie Pearlman for additional camerawork, and extra thanks to Matthew Gaydos of the Kermitment Podcast for his expert editing skills.

Click here to go for a walk on the ToughPigs forum!

by Joe Hennes, Louie Pearlman, and Matt Wilkie


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