US Weekly’s Muppets Edition is the Perfect Magazine Spoof

Published: September 22, 2015
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The Muppets have been popping up in a whole bunch of magazines, newspapers, and blogs this week (gee, I wonder why…), but it’s just been way too much to cover individually for us.  Plus, there’s only so many identical reviews and stock photography the brain can handle.

But one magazine reference stood out to us, and of all magazines, it’s US Weekly.  Last week, they had a special issue all about the Muppets!  Sort of.  It was actually the back of the magazine, which, as you can see above, is mocked up to look like a spoof of a regular US Weekly.  (Sorry for the bad photo… by the time we found out about it, the issue was already off the racks.  I guess they don’t call it US Weekly for nothing!)

The next few pages of the upside-down issue are a delightful parody of the overly-dramatic, celebrity-heavy material US Weekly is known for.  Check out the pages below!  And remember to give the pages a click to read them more clearly!


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