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Published: September 18, 2010
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Over the course of the last few weeks, Muppet fans have been notifying us of new Muppet and Sesame Street t-shirts, some of which are awesome and some of which are patently ridiculous (and some of which are patently ridiculous in an awesome kinda way). It’s due time we give a little spotlight to that thing that keeps our torsos covered: the mighty t-shirt!

In the text for each shirt is a link to a website where you can purchase one. So if you likey, buy it!

unibrowY’know Bert, a little manscaping never hurt anyone. A pair of tweezers can be your best friend. But hey, if Bernice digs the unibrow, then who am I to judge?

animalOnce upon a time, there was a shirt. And on that shirt was a wolf howling at the moon. It became a funny internet thing. And then someone said, “If you think that’s funny, we should make three wolves howling at the moon!” And it also became a funny internet thing. And then everyone and their mother copied that idea, and for a while, they too were funny internet things. And now the Three Animal Moon t-shirt is the latest to jump on the internet meme bandwagon, possibly being just a little too late to the party. Then again, if you’re the type of person to buy a shirt with three Animals parodying an internet meme in the first place, then you’re probably the core demographic for this bit of merchandise.

rainbowSpeaking of internet memes, here’s one that everyone will forget in another two weeks! Though I’m a little surprised that Bert and Ernie didn’t appear on the “Double Rainbow” parody shirt.


And this is me ordering this shirt. Because that is awesome. (Note: “Near” is on the front, “Far” is on the back. And now you want one too!)

countIt’s true, counting really ain’t easy. But you know what is? Finding confirmation that The Count has a side job as a pimp. Finally, an explanation for that gaudy cape!

boomboxWhat song do you think Cookie Monster is listening to on his oversized boombox? And more importantly, is he planning on eating it once the song is over?

rundmcThis t-shirt really makes me want to hear Bert and Ernie break out some hip-hop jams. That, or start wearing those black fedoras whenever they leave their apartment.

GTLThe only thing more disturbing than seeing your beloved Sesame Street friends don their spiky hair and orange suntans in a Jersey Shore parody is knowing that someone at Sesame Workshop gave this the thumbs up. But really, they missed a perfect opportunity to dress Ernie up as the orange-skinned Snooki.

kermitNow you can get your very own Muppet Show: Season 1 DVD t-shirt!

monsterclosetCookie Monster has never been so terrifying. And scared children have never looked so edible.

sexy sesameLast but not least, we’ve got an entry that isn’t quite t-shirt related, but is worth sharing anyway. For the first time (and possibly the last), you’ll be able to buy costumes of sexy Big Bird, sexy Cookie Monster, and sexy Elmo. That’s right, the good people at Disguise Costumes decided that it was a good idea to sexualize a 6-year-old, a 3?Ǭ?-year-old, and a monster with an eating disorder. Stop being so sexy, Sesame Street!


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by Joe Hennes – Joe@ToughPigs.com

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