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Back in October, we had the rare and amazing opportunity to moderate a panel at New York Comic Con all about that Jim Henson guy everyone around here seems to like.  We were joined by Jim Henson: The Biography author Brian Jay Jones, Jim Henson Legacy Executive Director and Muppet designer Bonnie Erickson, Jim Henson Company archivist Karen Falk, Muppet designer Michael Frith, and Muppet performer Fran Brill on our panel, as well as a rare appearance by Prairie Dawn herself.  But we also had another surprise in the back of the room.  The good folks at the Nerdist Channel were present to videotape our entire panel!

Below, you’ll see the Jim Henson Biography panel in full, and you won’t even need a Comic Con pass to get in.  Thanks in advance for watching, and enjoy our chatter!

Many thanks to the Nerdist Channel for filming and posting the video!

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by Joe Hennes –

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