How Would You Like Some Toy Story with Your Muppets?

Published: February 17, 2011
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The guy who plays Woody, with some Muppets.

The guy who plays Woody in Toy Story, and some Muppets.

If I were to tell you that your wait for the new Muppet movie just got a little bit longer, you’d probably be disappointed.

But if I were to tell you it’s only a matter of minutes, and the reason is that the film will be preceded in theaters by a brand-new Toy Story short from Pixar… well, you might first smack me for messing with your mind, but I’m guessing you’d be less disappointed. Unless you hate Toy Story, and I’ve yet to meet a Muppet fan who does.

The news comes from, which reports that the announcement was made today at a Disney investors meeting. Toy Story and the Muppets are family-friendly franchises that happen to be owned by the same company, so it certainly makes sense. Hey, what if they included a cameo by a Kermit doll in the Toy Story short, interacting with Woody and Buzz and the guys? That might be cool. Or would it somehow violate the integrity of the Toy Story universe to include a licensed character from a TV show?

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