Have you ever wondered what Ryan and Joe’s voices sound like? If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, then you’re in luck! ToughPigs’ own Senior Contributors were interviewed by Steve Swanson last week, and now we’re featured on his latest podcast!

Tune in and you’ll hear what Joe really thinks of Mr. Magorium, Ryan’s obscure Muppet impressions, and who Pepe the King Prawn is romantically linked to.

If you’re an impatient fellow, the ToughPigs interview starts about 34 minutes into the podcast (UPDATE: the MP3 version starts at 34 minutes, but it starts at 47 minutes when you play it directly through the MuppetCast website.. no idea why that is), but I recommend listening to the whole dang thing. Steve puts a lot of effort into the show every week, and the quality speaks for itself.

Click here to listen to the podcast, and go to MuppetCast.com every week for podcasty goodness.

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