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Published: June 16, 2009
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Hey there, loyal Tough Pigs readers. Do you notice anything different about our front page today? If not, allow me to direct your attention to the upper right corner of your screen. Go ahead, look up there.

See those nifty new links? Those are there to make it considerably easier to find old articles here on the website. Until now, all of our posts since January 2007 have only been find-able by searching or by clicking on the month-by-month Archive links. But now those dark, primitive days are over! We’ve devised helpful and convenient categories, and assigned them to every article ever in the history of Tough Pigs, except for the ones we didn’t. Here’s the rundown:

Reviews, obviously, is for reviews — DVDs, books, gicl?ɬ©e paintings, whatever.

Commentary is where you’ll find our incredibly articulate and equally opinionated pieces on everything from web design to Muppet clip art to ladies wearing Kermit dolls as clothing.

My Week is for weeklong article series, just as it was before.

Fun Stuff is for lists, horoscopes, Halloween parades, and all the other nutty pieces that otherwise defy categorization.

Your Two Cents is basically the section that used to be called Soapbox, where you’ll find all the stuff involving TP readers’ contributions to the site.

News is for Very Serious Journalism, including interviews, event reports, and remembrances of Muppet-related folks who are no longer with us.Anthology is still the exact same collection of transcripts and summaries of various Muppet projects.

I’ll let you figure out what Tough Pigs Art is.

In case you’re wondering, all of TP founder Danny Horn’s classic articles are included in the new categories. Everything is here! You want to read Joe’s write-up from the Brooklyn location of “Letters to Santa?” Just click on News! You’re itching to revisit Danny’s case against the Flathead Kermit poser? It’s right there under Commentary! Or maybe you can’t stop thinking about the Easiest Muppet Trivia Quiz ever, by me. Well, look no further than Fun Stuff.

So anyway, that’s the new thingy. I hope it inspires everyone to go back and read all the old posts in each category. I mean, it’s not like you have anything better to do. Now if I can only figure out which category this post should go in….

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