After the not-so-surprising success of Tickle-Me-Elmo’s younger brother, TMX Elmo, last Christmas, Sesame Workshop is following up with two new TMX characters. TMX Ernie and TMX Cookie Monster will be available in your grocer’s freezer this fall at the not-so-pricey price of $40 each. They’re a little bit smaller than your run-of-the-mill TMX Elmo, but $10 cheaper than the red giggler was last year.

Click here to see videos of TMX Ernie and Cookie in action. Ernie’s laugh isn’t quite what I expected, but I’d imagine it’d be tough to keep his signature guffaw going for two full minutes. The Cookie Monster, however, is a gem. He’s hilarious, what with his “Me have to roll over this way” and “Me have to roll over that way”. I’d buy him faster than Cookie can go through a white chocolate macadamia nut macaroon.
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