To Introduce Our Guest Star #10: The Barretta Brothers

Published: June 24, 2021
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This week Joe surprises Jarrod with Bill and Gene Barretta, aka The Barretta Brothers! Bill is of course known as one of the core Muppet performers for the past 25 years with characters like Pepe, Rowlf and the Swedish Chef, and his brother Gene is an illustrator who has worked for Sesame Street, as well as doing the storyboards for Muppets From Space.

Last year the brothers began a YouTube series called The Barretta Brothers, where they’ve interviewed fellow performers, Muppet writers, crew members and even fans. Bill has been doing some great puppet videos with a new bear character named Jules, while Gene has started up a new art Instagram account. Make sure you visit The Barretta Brothers website, and check out some of Gene’s art here.

Listen as we discuss Gene’s disastrous day right handing for Bill, Gene’s double page spread of Muppet performers and fans, Bill’s various statues, Australian impressions, Jarrod the ear of corn, and Gene decides to eat some melon.

Hosted by Jarrod Fairclough and Joe Hennes
Guest Bill Barretta and Gene Barretta
Edited by Jarrod Fairclough
Theme Music by Staci Rosen
Logo by Dave Hulteen

Click here to wonder what Bill showed us on the ToughPigs forum!

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