To Introduce Our Guest Star #16: Ken Kwapis

Published: February 2, 2023
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This week Jarrod surprises Joe with director Ken Kwapis!

Ken has had a remarkable career directing shows like Malcolm In The Middle, The Bernie Mac Show and Parks and Recreation, as well as movies like He’s Just Not That Into You, The Beautician and the Beast and License to Wed.  He also helped create the US adaption of The Office.

But before any of that, his feature directorial debut was the 1985 Sesame Street film Follow That Bird!

Listen as we discuss scraps of felt on tables, complicated shots with planes, and who could have worked at the Grouch Cafe! Plus The Count drives by himself, blue Big Bird is devastating, and chaotic preview screenings!

Click here to purchase Ken’s book ‘But What I Really Want To Do Is Direct’

Hosted by Jarrod Fairclough and Joe Hennes
Guest Ken Kwapis
Edited by Jarrod Fairclough
Theme Music by Staci Rosen
Logo by Dave Hulteen

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Ken setting up the forced perspective shot of the Dodo house!

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