Watch Kermit Lift Mjolnir, Give Stock Advice

Published: August 13, 2014
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Hey, didja know that Muppets Most Wanted is now out on DVD and Blu-ray?  Well, it is.  And if you haven’t bought it, pre-ordered it, or somehow put a few dollars into the “Help the Muppets Make Enough Money For Another Movie” fund, then what are you waiting for??

To help promote the new movie’s home video release, Kermit and Pepe have been hitting the interview circuits.  First, watch their interview from last week with MTV (in which Kermit invites Rocket Raccoon to join the Muppets), and then start watching the new videos below, in which Kermit gives stock advice, considers becoming an Asgardian, and whistles while Pepe flirts with a journalist.

CineFix Now:




USA Today:

As a bonus, here are some text-based interviews from the Muppets:


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