The Muppets are Threadless Again

Published: November 13, 2013
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It’s almost as if someone at t-shirt companies like Threadless and WeLoveFine are looking over my shoulder and thinking I don’t have enough to keep me busy, because they keep on putting out these awesome t-shirt design contests and I’m left with a huge pile of images to review and geek out over.  That’s not to say I’m not happy about seeing yet another contest pop up, because they’re always a lot of fun, and who doesn’t love seeing all the amazing and terrible fan art that’s submitted?

Threadless is hosting their fifth Muppet-related t-shirt design contest (their second with the Muppet Show Muppets), and you can submit your entries now through December 3rd.  There are no limits, character-wise, so go nuts with your designs featuring Gonzo, Mildred, or the Koozebanian Phoob.

Prizes include $2000 cash, a $500 Threadless gift card, Muppet collectibles, Muppets Most Wanted memorabilia, and the chance to see your design on an official t-shirt.

Click here to visit Threadless’s website and learn more about how to enter.  Then head over to ToughPigs in a few weeks to start reading our reviews!  It’s a tradition!

Many thanks to Jarrod Fairclough for the head’s up! Click here to rip out the tag before wearing the ToughPigs forum!

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