The Mup Art Show – March, 2013

Published: March 25, 2013
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We are back once again for our latest collection of the very, very best of Muppet fan art from across the World Wide Web!  I’m constantly and consistently amazed at the amount of talent out there, and I’m so very thankful for the fact that the internet exists, and with just a few simple search terms, I can see (and re-post) all these great pieces.

Enjoy this collection of brilliant Muppet fan art, and as always, give the images a click to see them in their full glory.  And if you’re an artist yourself, feel free to email your Muppet fan art to us to be included in the next Mup Art Show!

by Kyle Frisch

by Josh Gilbert

by Tim Luecke

by Annie Erskine

by Jordan Kotzebue

by Ryan King

by Scott Johnson

by Alice Cuthill

by Kim McFarland

by Zach Kenny

by Candice

by Barry Johnson

by Dave

by Werner Mueck

by Josh Corris

by Tudi

by BahalaNa

by Shaun Bryant

by Adam Leonhardt

by Jack Davies

by Brian Kesinger

by Marc

by Tom Savage

by Heather Dixon

by Sebastien Millon

by Nick Bondra

by Hillary White

by Caroll Spinney

by Joe Martin

by Howard Gray

by Sarah Plewe

by mightyfilm

by Nathan Seals

by Lucas Zebroski

by VerdigrisCactus

by Jeffrey Johnson

by Karen Hallion

by dnmn89

hancock_friends_printby Eric Hancock

labyrinth_by_nna-d5pvkpjby Ann Marcellino

sir_didymus_the_chivalrous_knight_by_brunn_bear-d5vvx00by Brunn Bear

day_19___muppet_themed_by_kuabci-d5wbxq9by Drew Graham

by Danny Beckwith

fosgitt-jim-frankby Jay Fosgitt

748478632by David Petersen

boober_fraggle___move_over__joe_cool_by_plaid_f-d5ww8d7by Plaid-F

tumblr_mju81az30q1s5fa6wo1_1280by James Powell

Click here to freeze a Fraggle in carbonite on the ToughPigs forum!

by Joe Hennes –

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