The Five Hardest Working Muppets

Published: September 3, 2012
Categories: Muppet Mindset

Ryan Dosier – In honor of Labor Day, today we’re discussing five of the hardest working Muppets who definitely deserve to put up their feet and take the day off.

5.)   Beauregard

As the janitor for the Muppet Theater, there is perhaps no one who deals with stranger messes than Beauregard. Bo is constantly working, though he never seems to mind it, and one can only imagine what he finds during his shift. Think of the messes Animal, Gonzo, Crazy Harry, Swedish Chef, and Bunsen must make! Beauregard has so much to do that he was still cleaning up after the other Muppets when Scooter found him in a closet of the theater in The Muppets! Poor old Bo never seems to take a break, and on Labor Day he needs to swap a good sweep for a good sleep.

4.)   Scooter
Another of the hardest working Muppets on The Muppet Show, Scooter ranks just above Beauregard only because he is given far more responsibility. Not only is he charged with prepping the guest stars before each show, but he has to keep Kermit’s schedule as well–a job for three go-fers! But Scooter always works without hesitation or complaint. His dedication to the show and the Muppets, especially when he’s not onstage performing, is truly admirable and worthy of a 24-hour sabbatical today.

3.)   Grover

Is there any monster in the world who holds more responsibility than our furry pal Grover? (Maybe Donald Trump.) Listing Grover’s past work experience would take up more space than I can imagine (apparently Muppet Wiki exceeds my imagination). It’s staggering to think about what a work-week in the life of Grover must be like. From Charlie’s Restaurant to Super Grover duties to countless other professions, Grover must run himself ragged trying to perform aptly in all of these professions. Grover deserves infinite Labor Days off… but I’m sure he’d get antsy without a customer to befuddle.

2.)   Doozers
These little guys just managed to inch out Grover on this list because there are so many of them working so consistently. Every Doozer works from dawn to dusk every day building towers that they know will be eaten by the Fraggles. Even with the daunting knowledge, the Doozers never halt their progress. A Doozer’s work is truly never done. Even when construction has to cease due to Fraggles refusal to eat their towers, Doozers find another working outlet in knitting! Doozers are the epitome of strong work ethic (almost to a fault). I doubt Doozers observe Labor Day, but we can only hope they find some time to relax.

1.)   Kermit the Frog
Yes, the only Muppet who could ever out-work a Doozer is Kermit the Frog. Obvious one thinks of Kermit’s unending amount of duties and obligations on The Muppet Show–from flustered host to unmatched performer–but Kermit’s work doesn’t end there. He may have retired from his gig as a reporter for Sesame Street News, but Kermit still makes consistent appearances on television programs all around the world, makes movies, TV specials, albums, appears on scores of merchandise, and, as he revealed in some press interview for The Muppets, even burns the DVDs of his projects! Give the frog a break! Anyone who watches him go from flustered to freak-out on The Muppet Show understands how badly he needs it.

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