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Published: November 28, 2008
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A lot of web-surfers who stumble upon this website do so via a search on Google or some other search engine. With the magic of Google Analytics, we can keep track of how our visitors find us, including the search terms that led them to the site.

Many of these searches are phrased in the form of a question, which makes sense, because as Sesame Street has taught us, asking questions is a good way of finding things out. In an effort to be as helpful as possible, I’ve decided to answer some of the recent search engine questions that have led people here.

Now let’s see what folks want to know…

Q: Which year did the Two-headed Monster first appear on Sesame Street?
A: 1978. See how helpful I am?

Q: Season of the muppet show mahna manha which disc episode
A: Season one, disc one, the Juliet Prowse episode. Now that’s some useful information. You’re welcome!

Q: What else did the cast of A Fish Called Wanda star in?
A: 1997’s Fierce Creatures. See there? I answered that one and it wasn’t even about Muppets!

Q: Whatever happened to the first Gordon from Sesame Street?
A: His name was Matt Robinson, and he went on to write for The Cosby Show. Boy, I’m full of helpfulness today.

Q: Does anyone have a wallpaper of the Muppets character Beaker?
A: Um… probably. Yeah, probably somebody does.

Q: When will The Muppet Show 4th season be available?
A: Not soon enough, I tell ya!

Q: What are the names of the cast from Sesame Street?
A: Well, let’s see… there’s Bob. He’s played by a guy named Bob. There are some other people too.

Q: What is Miss Piggy’s surname in the TV show the Muppets?
A: “Mummenschanz.”

Q: Who is the hottest female Muppet?
A: Miss Mousey, definitely. Everyone wants to make out with her.

Q: Did Jim Henson ever go to jail?
A: Sure he did! Don’t you remember that time he stole Air Force One and used it to rob banks in 14 major world cities, illegally copying videotapes all the while? It was in all the papers.

Q: Who sings on the commercial with the really tall guy looking for a car over the internet?
A: Michael Jackson.

Q: Who was Jerry’s relative on Tom and Jerry that sang and played guitar?
A: Michael Jackson.

Q: Who would you like to see as a celebrity guest star on Sesame Street?
A: Anyone but Michael Jackson.

Q: How tall is Howie Mandel?
A: Five feet, seven inches in high heels. And he always wears high heels.

Q: Why weren’t Captain and Tennille on The Muppet Show?
A: As a matter of fact, the Captain and Tennille were on The Muppet Show, but it was using their aliases “Shields” and “Yarnell.”

Q: Is political science an art or science?
A: Yes.

Q: Which show did Miley Cyrus first star in?
A: Miley Cyrus first rose to fame playing the role of Darrin Stephens on the hit CBS comedy Bewitched.

Q: How do pigs benefit man?
A: By going to space!

Q: Is a ball named googly giggler?
A: Oh, it most certainly is.

Q: Won’t somebody think of the children?
A: Yep.

Q: What Muppet are you?
A: I’m actually not a Muppet. I’m a human being. Thanks for asking, though.

Q: i want to work with muppets
A: Me too!

Q: What animal are Fraggles?
A: Gobo and Wembley are schnauzers, Boober and Red are cockatoos, and Mokey is a snuffleupagus.

Q: Did Dylan Sprout and Miley Cyrus ever go together?
A: Actually, it’s a funny story. Dylan Sprouse did ask out Miley Cyrus, and they dated for quite some time, but it wasn’t until the fifth month of their relationship that she realized she wasn’t dating Cole.

Q: forever friends. who is kermit.s fictional friend
A: The Great Gatsby.

Q: Why do all muppets seem to be left-handed?
A: The answer is simple: They seem to be left-handed because they ARE left-handed.

Q: who seen bert ernie serie stopmotion
A: Me!

Q: Is Dylan or Cole Sprouts older and by how many more minutes or seconds?
A: Cole is older by two inches. Both Sprouse brothers celebrate their 45th birthday next July.

Q: What is the difference between a gobo and a cookie?
A: Gobo and Cookie Monster are both Muppets. There is no difference.

Q: What does Abby Cadabby offer to viewers?
A: A giant vat of pudding. Are you interested?

Q: Does the regular TMX Elmo have secret sequences?
A: Yeah, and they’re REALLY cool. Oh boy, are they cool. Awesome, really.

Q: How can I get a pass to see the Sprouse brothers on “Live, the Suite Life on Deck”?
A: You can’t. The truth is, you will never meet the Sprouse brothers. You will never touch or talk to the Sprouse brothers. The Sprouse brothers will never even know you exist. So you might as well stop dreaming now.

And there you have it. I feel like I’ve done some real good here. You can all thank me later.

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