ToughPigs Art: The Frog Prince, Taminella, and more!

Published: July 9, 2010
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You know who’s great?? Smig! And you know what else is great?? Smig’s art! And you know what else what else is great?? The fact that we can post a whole bunch of it on ToughPigs right now!

Once again, Smig has found the most twisted, yet faithful ways to show us our favorite (and fan favorite) characters in a new light. For example:

Big Bird

Yeah. He went there. It’s a good thing Radar is looking the other way. And here’s a joke that Smig claims to be surprised that they never did on The Muppet Show:

Dr. Teeth

Next up, a hairdo that needs no introduction:

Famous Pop Star

If BOOM Studios ever decides to make a Frog Prince comic book, I have a recommendation for their choice in cover artist:

Frog Prince

Taminella Grinderfall as you’ve never seen her before! Have another popover, froggy!


This next piece was created as a gift for The Jim Henson Company archivist Karen Falk. There is no word on whether or not she actually carries a baton.

Karen Falk

And now, my absolute favorite of the bunch. How could you not love this thing?

Music Scale

Many thanks, once again, to Smig for all his fantastic work!

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