Sonia Manzano Is Retiring From Sesame Street

Published: July 3, 2015
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Maria Elmo

In case you missed our Facebook and Twitter posts this week: Sonia Manzano, loved by millions as Maria from Sesame Street, has announced her retirement from the show.


It took the internet a few days to notice the announcement, but in the past few days there has been an outpouring of well-wishes and bittersweet farewells… along with a few anguished social media posts from folks who grew up with Manzano and just can’t imagine a Street without her.  Meanwhile, the official Sesame Street Facebook page posted a wonderful album (Does this link work?) full of photos of Maria from all throughout the years.

Maria first showed up on Sesame Street in 1971, as a fresh-faced youngster who worked at the local library.  Since then, the character has had a few different jobs, gotten married, had a child, and taught a ton of kids how to count to 10 in Spanish.  Sonia Manzano’s charm and talent has made Maria a favorite among the human cast for many viewers.  Her run on the show has been as wonderful as it has been impressively long, and her contribution becomes even greater when you factor in the several seasons she spent as a writer.

We’ll miss seeing Maria on the street, but we wish Ms. Manzano the best in her future pursuits, whether or not they involve verbally sparring with a guy who lives in a trash can.  We already know about a few of her upcoming ventures — her latest children’s book Miracle on 133rd Street and her memoir Becoming Maria will be published later this year!

Keep an eye on this website for a tribute or two to Sonia (and Maria!) in the coming weeks!

Click here to salute Sonia Manzano on the Tough Pigs forum!

by Ryan Roe –

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