I know what you’re thinking: “That ToughPigs is so irresponsible! Muppet Snow White #3 was in my comic book store last week, but they’re only putting out the preview now! And why can’t I make a fried egg that isn’t rubbery??”

Well don’t blame us, blame the blokes over at BOOM Studios, who had their hands full all last week with Comic Con International in San Diego. But don’t blame them too hard, I know I’d rather be hanging out at Comic Con than e-mailing JPEGs to a Muppet blog.

In any case, Muppet Snow White #3 is in stores right now, and we’ll have our review of it here on ToughPigs in the next few days. And hopefully we won’t have any more of these delays going forward. And if we do, you can sleep soundly knowing that it’s always someone else’s fault!




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by Joe Hennes – Joe@ToughPigs.com

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