Surprising no one, our artist-in-residence Chris “Smig” Smigliano has been hard at work creating new Muppet fan art since our last spotlight of his work.  That man is a machine!  He actually made so many in just the last few months, we’re going to share them in two separate articles.  Also because we’re lazy, and we want to make this thing last as long as possible.

Many of these illustrations were made before the announcement that The Muppets would not be returning for a second season, so there’s still a bit of hope reflected in his drawings.  By the time you see Smig’s next set, his attitude (and dark sense of humor) will reflect what we all felt when we heard the news.

Check out Smig’s latest batch of fantastic Muppet illustrations below, and then be sure to head back here in a few days for even more!

Many thanks, as always, to Smig for all his hard work!

smig-animal smig-boozehound smig-donmartin smig-kermitthethog smig-leapyear smig-networkprez smig-old oscar smig-pianobar smig-poultry smig-rebootreboot smig-spurt smig-sunny days smig-unboxing smig-unca smig-unfair smig-uplatewithgloria smig-velvet

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