Sesame’s 50th – 4 Things We’d Like To See

Published: May 13, 2019
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Jarrod Fairclough – Incase you’ve been living under a rock the past few months, Sesame Street has been gearing up to celebrate it’s 50th anniversary!  We’ve got a tour, stamps, and merchandise galore.  But that’s not enough, dag nabbit!  No, I’m super selfish, and I want the world to be celebrating Sesame Street even more than they are.  So I’ve come up with 4 different things I’d like to see in 2019 as we celebrate this half century milestone!

Bill tattoos

1 – New York Mayor Bill de Blasio Tattooed
Sesame Street is a New York insitution, having been not only filmed there, but set in its streets.  So it’s only right that New York City returns the love, by having New York City’s current mayor, Bill de Blasio, tattooed with a Sesame Street character or two, preferably ones that have been there since the beginning like Big Bird and Oscar.  This not only shows a commitment to the love for this New York insitution, but it’s a commitment to people everywhere that you’re relatable, and willing to have an 8 foot tall yellow bird tattooed on your arm.


2 – Empire State Building Painted Yellow
The Empire State Building is known to light up with different colors to celebrate various holidays and triumphs.  Around Christmas it can be seen in Red and Green, Fourth of July has it Red, White and Blue.  It’s been Pink, and even lit up like a rainbow.
But all of these are too temporary.  Sure, we could light the place yellow for Sesame’s 50th, maybe even slap a Big Bird projection up there.  But where’s the spectacle in that?  Instead, let’s paint the entire thing yellow for an entire 12 month period, maybe cover the first few floors in feathers, and have speakers on the top floor blasting out ‘ABC-DEF-GHI’ on repeat for the entire city to enjoy!

elmo game of thrones.jpg

3 – Sesame Street Takes Over HBO
With Sesame Street’s move to HBO a few years ago, they’ve become part of a family that houses some of the most successful television shows in history.  So I want to see HBO let Sesame Street take over for the entire year, completely re-casting their shows.  I want to see Elmo sit on the Iron Throne.  I want to see Grover shouting about the latest Trump atrocity on Last Week Tonight.  I want to see The Count shoot someone then act poorly in Barry.  Cast Abby, Prairie, Zoe and Rosita in Big Little Lies.  But it has to be full seasons of everything, otherwise what’s the point?


4 – A Full Stage Musical Based On The Song ‘Do De Rubber Duck’
Sesame Street has conquered television and film, so what better way to complete a hat-trick than by setting the stage on fire in a full scale Broadway musical, based on the biggest hit Sesame Street ever produced – Do De Rubber Duck!  Lead by an all-star cast of Tony Award winning legends, this show will tell the story of Ernie (Hugh Jackman) bathing while listening to reggae music, before being joined by the likes of The Count (David Hyde Pierce), Telly Monster (Neil Patrick Harris) and Biff (Ben Platt).  Ernie’s confused roommate Bert will be played by Nathan Lane.

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