The Trailer for the New Sesame Street XBox Kinect Game Will Make You Want an XBox Kinect

Published: February 24, 2011
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Sesame Street nerds and video game geeks alike have been going crazy like Frazzle ever since the announcement that popular game designer Tim Schafer and his company Double Fine are working on a Sesame Street game called Once Upon a Monster, for the motion-sensing, controller-free XBox Kinect system.

Yesterday, the gaming website Gamasutra ran a swell interview with Schafer and the project lead Nathan Martz, in which they discussed how the game came about, including its origins as a non-Sesame concept which just happened to feel very Muppety. Today the trailer was released, and it looks pretty great. The graphics are colorful and inviting, the new character (perhaps a distant cousin of Ludo’s?)seems like a monster I’d like to meet, and while I never knew I wanted to see Cookie Monster fly, it turns out I really, really did. Check it out:

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by Ryan Roe

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