This past weekend, America celebrated its 233rd 4th of July. Other countries had a 4th of July too, but they just called it “Saturday.” PBS did their part with A Capitol Fourth, which featured British celebrities, Chinese fireworks, German frankfurters, and a touch of good ol’ fashioned American patriotism. The Sesame Street gang was on-hand to lend some red white and blue (and green and yellow and pink) to the celebration, and while we wait for some kind soul to add the entire segment to YouTube (which included an introduction by Barack “I’m the President and You’re Not” Obama), let’s take a peek at the two videos that are available to us.

First up is a promo for the special featuring former fictional President Jimmy Smits and some red furry thing that sounds like the baby from Dinosaurs.

Next is the whole Sesame clan at the tail end of their appearance with special guest Natasha Beddingfield. And for some reason, Cookie Monster looks really bored. Maybe he hates America.

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