New Sesame Street Comic Book Series Launches This Summer

Published: May 16, 2024
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It’s been many ages and moons since Sesame Street was last seen in comic book form. The first series of Sesame comics started in 2013, and then the rest of the issues didn’t come out until years later. Obviously trying to avoid saturating the market. But now, the shelves are Muppet-free, which means there’s no competition to be had for a new series of Sesame comics!

This new wave of Sesame comic books is coming from Oni Press, and will start hitting comic book shelves starting August 28, 2024. Issue #1, titled “Grover Lends a Hand,” is about the following:

Grover wakes up to another beautiful day on Sesame Street! But he soon discovers that his friends each have a problem to solve before they can enjoy it. Read along in this brand-new comic book as Grover does what he does best: lends a helping hand. After all, the most fun on Sesame Street comes from working together!

Four monthly issues are planned, so keep your eyes peeled for further installments. I hope they put out one starring Oscar. I bet he hates Mondays! And Tuesdays! And all days!

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By Shane Keating

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