Sesame Street Reveals 50th Anniversary Logo

Published: September 14, 2018
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Did you hear?  Sesame Street is turning 50 next year.  And everyone knows that 50 is the golden anniversary logo anniversary.

PR Week has revealed the logo that Sesame Workshop will be using throughout 2019, and there it is at the top of the screen.  It’s colorful and busy and full of character references, and it says a lot with just two digits.

PR Week also revealed a few details about what we can expect from the 50th, including:

  • A celebration that launches in February, 2019, through December
  • A cross-country campaign, complete with traveling Muppets
  • A Sesame Street event at Jazz at Lincoln Center in New York City
  • A primetime special to air on HBO and PBS
  • Over 140 licensees to help create Sesame merchandise and experiences

Keep an eye on ToughPigs for more about Sesame Street’s 50th as we learn it!

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